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Konner Berlund, Staff Reporter

Album Review: This Month

(does not include all genres and is opinion base)




Lil Wayne, Tha Carter 5 :

 First couple of tracks reel you in being heavy, hip-hop club bangers. But after a while, the album becomes stale and kinda boring. I’m hearing the same party song over and over again, but there’s still a lot of good tracks worth listening to but the rest I can see as filler.



Brockhampton, Iridescence:

I feel like this is their attempt of going mainstream and it worked. There is a lot of great tracks on here that feel wild and crazy like “New Orleans” and “Honey” that could get people into brockhampton. It’s not like their previous work but is an interesting change in the groups music that works.



Logic, YSIV:

Logic is trying to balance this gritty hip-hop personality but it comes

off as fake and corny when his last album was more chill and mellow. He’s kinda juggling too many personalities and it doesn’t work for him.



Travis Scott, Astroworld:

Travis is at his best than any album prior in my opinion. I feel he’s actual trying again to combine trap music with cydilic and have it go mainstream.





$uicideboy$, I want to die in new Orleans:

The group hasn’t really evolved artistically, their sound and flow are the same but it still works. A combination of heavy trap beats with metal lyrics and samples. It’s honestly the same thing as their mix-tapes but is still a decent album.



Voivod ,The Wake:

Bro Metal, kinda boring, and has nothing interesting, kinda bland and forgettable.



Uniform the body, Mental wounds not healing:

 This is okay, for me it was a kinda generic band with some ghost influence.





Lala lala, The lamb:

A depressing, sad, and very moody album but not great. Previous artists have done this style better and more creative, Though there are some decent tracks on here like “destroyer” and “see you at home”. Overall, it could be better.



Beak >>>:  

Mellow, chill rock music; a mix of rock and techno. A little basic, but something that works if you’re in a chill, spacey mood.



The Beths, Future hates me:

Wild rock that sounds kinda dated. Like edgy 2000’s skater music about love and breakups.



Shine down, Attention attention :

Kinda mainstream rock music like fall out boy edgy but with some techno beats and decent guitar riffs.





Tunng, Song you make at night:

Spacey, moody techno but in a good way. I can see a lot of people who aren’t into techno who can get into this album. Songs like “ABOP” and “crow” have a dark vibe to them that makes this style interesting to the point where it’s more rock than techno.



Lotic, Power:

Artsy techno and not like a normal song. Very alternative hardcore techno.





Mac Miller,  Swimming:

 Mac miller kinda tries to attempt a R&B singing voice that doesn’t work and just sounds like he’s mumbling. It’s an attempt that in my opinion he should have not went into.



6Black, East Atlanta Love:

I feel this album has a lot of potential but it’s wasted here. This album feels like it just blends in the background of R&B instead of doing something that changes the genre and represents the sound.