Album Reviews: New Releases in October

Konner Berlund, Entertainment Co-Editor

Album Reviews: new this week. No, not all genres are on this list, and yeah, all of this is just my opinion. But here goes!


Lil baby and Gunna, Drip Harder: Lil baby and Gunna are the biggest rappers this year and yet they made one of the most boring albums of the year. The only good tracks are ‘Never recover” and “My jeans” but even then, Drake and Young thug carry those track’s. All the tracks sound the same and the features carry the whole project. Overall, Lil baby and Gunna sound bland. 2/10

Quavo, Quavo Huncho: Quavo’s solo album is long and decent. Quavo isn’t interesting enough to carry a hour long album no matter who he puts on the features. He’s really forgettable on his own album. 5/10

Future and JuiceWrld, World on Drugs: The 3rd entry of future crossovers this one was weird and unexpected. Sometimes the druggy, slow vibe works on songs like “fine china”. But, it doesn’t work on the whole album. For me JuiceWrld carries this whole album. 5/10 

Nothing to Prove, Lil Yachty: Nothing to prove is an appropriate name because this album is bland and boring. It feels like Yachty was sleeping in the recording studio throughout the whole album. I feel like his happy, “Chance the rapper” sound is dead. Overall this album just sounds like his last mixtape, lil boat 2 again. 3/10

YoungBoy Never Broke Again, Until death call my name: Youngboy doesn’t have much personality, just another trendy trap rapper but I’ll give him credit, there are some bangers here that are better than a lot of Lil Baby or Gunna’s stuff. Tracks like ”Outside today” and “Through the Storm” sound just like Young thug but better. 7/10


Horrendous, Idol: Petty good opening but gets kinda boring in the middle. I wasn’t much for the track slayer, I don’t know,  just not for me. But, for bigger metal fans they would like this a lot more. 6/10

Behemoth, I loved you at your darkest: Again I wasn’t the biggest fan of this band, I feel like there sound isn’t really super unique but bigger metal heads will love this so, I get the appeal of this band. 6/10


Twenty one pilots, Trench: I’m not a 21 pilots fan, at all. I looked at their last album as the new, “Fall Out Boy” just a bad, edgy band. But, I was surprisingly hooked. They kinda do something new here and it makes this the best album yet. There is a lot of great tracks like, “Nico and niners”, “Jumpsuit” and, “Legend” that I found myself enjoying more than any of their other projects. 8/10

R & B

Ella Mai, Ella Mai: Ella Mai is really underrated. She has a sound that similar to SZA that reminds me of older 2000’s R&B, like Jason Derulo or Ney-o. But overall, nothing really groundbreaking but still a good listen. 6/10