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Warrior Ink

The Sandwich

Amanda Gydesen, IR Student

April 30, 2015

Filed under Literary

I remember a time back in middle school (an auspicious beginning to a story for everyone, I’m sure.), when my siblings and I had made sandwiches for lunch because we had no leftovers from dinner the night before. I had made...

Clockwork Rebels

James Kessler, IR Student

April 27, 2015

Filed under Literary

The young man stumbled through the thick vegetation of the Jungle District, scared out of his mind of the clockwork monstrosities that pursued him. He constantly tripped over roots and plants alike, only to get back up and keep...

PARCC…a Noise a Sick Cat Makes?

Kaitlyn Greiner, Freelancer; Special to Warrior Ink

April 22, 2014

Filed under Literary, Opinion

Silence is golden only when it is a comforting silence, and this intense quiet is certainly no comfort. I have been imprisoned here in this silence until such a time as my task is completed; even the familiar scritch of graphite ...

Student news site of Indian River High School.