Canadian Shootings – a Coordinated Terror Attack?


Courtesy Tribune Image Service

Crime scene tape across a closed street in Ottowa, where gunfire erupted in the parliament building.

On Wednesday, Oct. 22nd, a gunman shot a guard, along with others, and caused a lock-down in the Canadian Parliament, in the city of Ottowa, Ontario. The Canadian government told NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense) about these two shootings, and NORAD told all planes to be on high alert if necessary and is keeping up with the Canadians. One shooter has been killed according to the Canadian government, and the shooter has been associated with Middle Eastern sort of terrorist groups. He even changed his name to Michael Zehaf-Bibeau. The shooter, Zehaf-Bibeau, was taken down by a sergeant-at-arms by the name of Kevin Vickers.

This is apparently the second shooting in Ottowa. ┬áBefore the Canadian Parliament shooting there was a shooting at the National War Memorial, which resulted in the death of a young soldier standing there for ceremonial duty. ┬áThe Memorial isn’t too far from the Canadian Parliament, and it is believed the same gunman is involved. The Canadian police are still investigating the two shootings along with the shooter. Americans police and military forces are now on high alert due to these two shootings, which were preceded by a man who used a car to run down two Canadian soldiers two days before the shooting.