Brownville Woman Hires Detective as Her Hitman

A woman desires to have someone killed.  She meets with a hitman as they thoroughly discuss the plan.  She pays half the money up front, just to show how committed she is, and the hitman does his job- a perfect plot for any crime show or movie right?  Well can you believe that this almost happened in Brownville, New York?

Melisa R. Schonfield, a resident of Brownville and former social worker, wanted her daughter’s ex-boyfriend dead.  So, she set up a consultation with a hitman in her car in a Walmart parking lot and proceeded to explain what she wanted done.

The name of the ex-boyfriend is Ernesto I. Negrillo and he currently resides in Florida.

She explained that she didn’t want him killed over the weekend because her husband, dentist Robert D. Schonfield, was in the area, and preferred a Monday or Tuesday, so his child wouldn’t have to witness the event.  She also told that she would pay $11,000, paying half now and the other half after there was evidence that Negrillo was dead.  She also mentioned that his body should be thrown into an alligator pit.  After paying the promised $5500 in a manilla envelope (so no fingerprints were changed on the money), Schonfield quietly left the parking lot.

However, soon after the meeting, she was pulled over by patrol cars. Fortunately, a concerned citizen had overheard Schonfield looking for a hitman and contacted the police.  The hitman that she thought she could count on was actually an undercover detective.

She was then brought in front of the Watertown City Court and was placed in the Metro-Jefferson Public Safety Building for charges of second-degree conspiracy and criminal solicitation. Her bail was set at $250,000 but was released Monday after someone posted a $500,00 bond.

 After Schonfield’s daughter, Alexis and Negrillo split from a accused abusive relationship two years ago, she moved back home while he stayed in Florida.  However, after having a child, Alexis was an emotional wreck, which led her to believe why her mother would do such a thing. Although she was shocked to find out what happened, apparently her husband knew about her plans, even joking about getting caught.

When asked by the Huffington Post for Negrillo thoughts about the incident he commented,”It’s just f–ked up [..]”