Marysville School Shooting… A Homecoming Prince Caused This?

In the later days of October a school shooting in Marysville by the homecoming prince. Jaylen Fryberg, a freshman, invited some of his friends along with other students, one he got into a fight with and the other was a girl who rejected him, to sit at with him for lunch, via text message, and took out a gun, then proceeds to shoot the students he invited to sit with him. Fryberg shot at least six bullets at the group of people sitting at his table.

Some members outside of the high school speculate that he might have fought over a girl, while others believe it was because of the fight he had with one of the victims after a football practice.

Fryberg killed himself after killing one other student and injuring four other peers, but authorities will not tell reporters what sort of weapon he used of where he acquired it, but it was acquired illegally.

This is the eighty-seventh school shooting since Sandy Hook.