11 Year Old Boy Charged as an Adult

Cherokie DesJardins, Staff Reporter

On Saturday October 3, 2015 MaKayla Dyer, 8 years old was shot and killed in her yard by an 11 year old boy. This happened in Jefferson County, Tennessee. This boy got a 12-gauge shotgun from his father’s unlocked closet and fired at McKayla from inside his house. He has been charged with first degree murder in her death.

According to local news reports, the boy allegedly asked to see MaKayla’s puppy on Saturday and she told him no then laughed and walked away. It turns out that this boy has been bullying her recently before this incident. When MaKayla first moved there the boy immediately started making fun of her and calling her names. MaKayla’s mom had taken it to the school principal and the bullying had stopped for a while. Then when he was told no by MaKayla about seeing her puppy he retrieved a gun and killed her in her yard.

The boy could be tried as an adult. He is the youngest juvenile in the system with a murder charge. He is in a regular “pod” that holds up to 16 other juveniles from ages 12 and 17. He is the smallest kid in the juvenile detention center.

When first responders and police arrived at the scene they found the girl lying there with a gunshot to the chest. She was taken to an area hospital, where she later died from her wounds.

The boy was ordered to be held in a juvenile facility pending his next court hearing on October 28. The case could later transfer to an adult court.

This killing happened two days after the mass school shooting in rural  Oregon. This event has rocked the town of White Pine, Tennessee. Both children attended White Pine School with students in kindergarten through eighth grade.