Who is Santa Claus Really?

An Historical Investigation

Angelique Izquierdo, Science and Technology Editor

As many of us may know Santa Claus is not real, but has anyone ever stopped to really think where this figure came from? We know Christmas, which is often associated with Jesus’s birthday, came from the biblical times. To have a household name made up from a big guy in a red suite who happens to sneak you presents at night in your home is just commonly and socially accepted in a lot of different places, but again why?

“Santa Claus” is derived from the saint named St. Nicholas otherwise  ‘Saint Nick’, now I’m sure people think “Sure I knew that…” but do you really know him?

Born in 280 A.D in a region known as modern day Turkey ; he was a christian bishop who provided for the poor and sick. St. Nicholas lost his parents as a kid and used his inheritance to help others. He passed, which researchers to believe on, December 6th 343 A.D After his passing the stories of his good deeds streamed to other parts of the world, he then became known as a protector of children and sailors; and even became associated with gift giving during this time.

In America ‘Santa Claus’ went under many changes of a figure before he was known as he is today; Sinterklaas to name one. A poem written in 1820 called “An Account of A Visit From St.Nicholas” written by Clement Clarke Moore. The poem describes the man we are all familiar with today, “A jolly, heavy  man who comes down the chimney to leave presents for deserving children and drives a sleigh pulled by flying reindeer.” Later in 1881, a cartoonist named Thomas Nast drew a drawing of santa wearing a red suite and white fur trim. And that is how Santa Claus came to be.