Grand Theft Auto V: Best Game of the Year?

Screen capture from GTA V. Courtesy of Game Informer

Screen capture from GTA V. Courtesy of Game Informer

The newest edition to the Grand Theft auto series has recently towered above any other game released in 2013.  On the first day of its release, it has made $800 million so far, according to Rockstar games, the production company that owns the series.


Grand Theft Auto 5 is climbing the charts in sales, making its mark in history as one of the most anticipated and best selling games ever. With $230 million in pre-sales alone, they have broken even on their $200 million cost in making the game. The biggest question is, is it actually worth buying?


It’s the first day since the release of GTA V and it already gained a larger fanbase than any other single game other than the famous Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 which has broken the record for best selling game of 2013. According to Rockstar, GTA V is already making its way up to shatter the record of fastest billion dollar profit from a video game. New features, such as the ability to fly a jet, has created a lot of hype and anticipation for not only the old time fans, but has also attracted many new players.


Screen capture pictures were released weeks before the game arrived in gaming stores everywhere. These pictures gave hints to gamers and created a sense of what the game would be like such as the map comparison of GTA V to GTA IV, which showed that the map for GTA V is almost four times as big. This set gamers on edge with anticipation.


Senior Marcus Keys says, “The graphics are the best in the series, so basically it is the best game this year,” though some other people disagree. Sophomore Makayla Jones said, “It’s a stupid game. People waste their money on a game that’s just like the other 4.”


Some controversy has parents furious, though. The violence and raunchiness (like having the ability to enter strip clubs) may give parents a reason to hate the game. Some say it gives kids a false sense of reality and may cause them to do violent things. Other parents, however, do not believe in any such link, and will let their kids play it all they want. The rate of juvenile crime between 1995 and 2008 (according to blogger Adam Goldfein at dropped 71%. This is also the time of  many violent video games being introduced to new consoles. This seems to show that there is no link between violent video games and crime in real life.


A lot of gamers on a budget are angered by the cost of this game. At $70 a copy, some people cannot afford it and turn to other cheaper methods such as piracy. Even though a copy of GTA V is very costly, it isn’t much more than any other new, popular games nowadays.


The game also features an online multiplayer mode. You can play with up to 16 people online in the world of GTA. This is a new feature to the series and was thought to be the best. Although there are positives to this, there have been a lot of reports of bugs and glitches while playing online, not to mention the game crashes. Rockstar has said that they will start to fix it and players demand it to happen soon, because this is one of their bigger features.