What Does The Fox Say: The New Youtube Sensation?


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A new phenomenon has taken YouTube by storm. The music video for “The Fox” sung by Ylvis, has become one of the most talked about videos since Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” video. The song, containing senseless noises like “frakakakakakakow”, is all  about what sound a fox makes. Being that a fox doesn’t exactly have a well recognizable sound, the artists gave it some random high pitched vocalizations. Ylvis even ditched any pride they had and dressed in mascot like fox costumes complete with backup dancers in similar fox attire. They included a lovely computerized dancing fox into the mix.

Ylvis, two Norwegian brothers who America has never heard of before now, have had a couple hits in Europe. Their video, that was just posted on YouTube on September 3rd, received 2 million views nearly overnight and even brought the brothers on the Ellen Degeneres show September 18th.During the interview with Ellen, the brothers revealed that the song was originally a joke made for their talk show in Norway.  The song has also been continually compared to Psy’s number one hit “Gangnam Style” and has already been made available on iTunes. Ylvis has reached international fame overnight and joined the ranks of YouTube success stories, all because they didn’t know what a fox said.