Call of Duty: The Same or Not?


With a new edition to the Call of Duty series approaching its release date, many people are raising questions about its similarity to other Call of Duty games. The latest version that was released, Black Ops 2, featured many of the past Call of Duties’ features. The same questions are being asked about Call of Duty Ghosts: will it be the same as all the other games in the series?


Are the guns going to be the same? That’s one example of the many questions asked about Call of Duty Ghosts. Until the game officially comes out there will not be a list of guns and gun attachments that is 100% true, although guesses can be made.


Some guns like the popular AK-47, and the Barret 50 cal. are sure to be included. No gun has been in all of the Call of Duty games, one reason being that the 5th installment to the Call of Duty series, World at War, was set in World War II. During World War II, there weren’t all these advanced assault rifles and submachine guns that are in Black Ops 2, they just hadn’t been created yet.


Then again some guns found in the franchise clearly don’t exist, such as the Ray Gun, Thunder Gun, and Wunderwaffe. These are all guns that are used on Zombie mode, which isn’t real either. All the attachments already exist, or can be created with the technology there is today, so the attachments are safe and most of them will likely continue to be used in Call of Duty games.


Now the maps in every Call of Duty so far, there have always been different multiplayer maps, with the exception of downloadable content, that lets you play old popular maps just in the new games.


When asked how the graphics will be, fellow student Jacob McCartney replied,”they’re going to be terrible, the game is run on the same programming engine as Battlefield 3, so expect the same exact graphic system.”


Another student Dejah Smith said,“I’m not going to be playing Call of Duty, I’m going to be playing Grand Theft Auto V.”