Was Fall Out Boy Doomed From The Start Or Not?: Album Review of PAX AM Days


Worldwide Tour Footage from “Love, Sex, Death” video

Fall Out Boy has released, “Pax Am Days”, a punk EP that is a departure from their sound that most people are used to. I however, am ecstatic to listen to this new side of Fall Out Boy that have not heard and, as long as Pete doesn’t attempt to scream again. The longest song on the album is two minutes and forty-two seconds. So, let’s get on with this review, shall we?

1. We Were Doomed From The Start (The King Is Dead)

I am honestly surprised by how Patrick’s voice blends so well with the fast pace of the song, let alone this genre. This song gets me so pumped up and makes me attempt windmills. The key word is: attempt. The repetition of “The king is dead” killed me. The fast pace of the guitars and drums just invigorate me. The best part is that I could actually hear Pete’s bass line. It’s no Matt Freeman from Rancid, but it’s good.

Stars: 10 out of 10

2. Art of Keeping Up Disappearances

This song starts off with the hitting of drumsticks and that’s when I knew that this couldn’t go wrong. I would’ve liked to hear some backup vocals, but the guitar solo replaced that quite nicely. The drums, ah, those drums! Andy’s arms must have been burning after this song. I can just feel the energy that he must’ve been putting into those drums. It blows my mind. Patrick’s voice reminds me a little bit of Glenn Danzig. He doesn’t sound like him, but the style of how he sings plus the type of music that they’re playing does.

Stars: 9 out of 10

3. Hot To the Touch, Cold On the Inside

This song is just……..the chant gets you pumped up. It makes you wanna sling your arm around your friends, and shout along with the song. The line, “They’re not taking us alive,” brings so much energy and passion into the song. It makes me want to slow-mo walk onto a football field with only the stadium lights on and raise my fist into the air. Basically, like the end of The Breakfast Club.

Stars: 10 out of 10

4. Love, Sex, Death

This was the single released off of the EP and the first song that introduced me to what FOB was going to sound like on this record. It sounds like it was recorded in basement with someone’s mom waiting upstairs with pizza rolls for the boys to eat when they get tired. So, basically it sounds like pure bouncing off the walls energy. I mean, it’s just so….punk. The shouting of, “Love. Sex. Death”, is so hardcore. I mean, what else is there to say?

Stars: 10 out of 10

5.  Eternal Summer

I absolutely detest the beginning of this song. It’s the least energetic opening on this EP. It doesn’t get good until the guitar picks up. I’m not a fan of Patrick’s voice in this either. It’s not as chant-like as the others have been. The biggest thing is that the energy dies down on this song and it disrupts the flow of the record. Along with the disruption of the flow, it also killed my vibe. Not good, my friend.

Stars: 6 out of 10

6. Demigods

The song brings up the energy a little from the previous song. It’s not really in your face as the previous have been, but it works. It works better because from the energy starts to pick back up from Eternal Summer. Its not so instantaneous and that’s fine. There’s a lot more vocals from Patrick in this one and less backup vocals from Pete, Joe, and Andy. It fares a lot better considering the low energy of the song itself. The ending of the song is a bit ongoing too. Overall,  I think the order of the track list helps the song, too. I still am not particularly a fan of it, but it’s still better than Eternal Summer.

Stars: 7 out of 10

7. American Made

With a title like this song, I was expecting some more aggression. The instruments take more of a backseat in this and Patrick’s vocals are more in the front. I think it has more to do with Patrick’s way of singing than anything. He doesn’t suck, but his voice so soulful that the music and the vocals aren’t blending as well as they could be. He needs more energy, especially when the instruments are more turned down. I don’t hate it, but I wish it could’ve been different.

Stars: 7 out of 10

8.  Caffeine Cold

This could be played in the middle of Jackass. That’s all I can picture. Someone in a trashcan being thrown down a hill into a lake. This song is the perfect ending to the record. It’s not as punk as the rest of it, but pertaining of the flow of the record, it fits. We had the high energy songs in the beginning, the more mellow type in the middle, and now this

Stars: 10 out of 10

Can we take a minute to appreciate all of the voices in the background of the songs as well? It’s just so authentic, It makes me appreciate it especially since this was all recorded in two days. I love the record despite some minor complaints. I will praise the fact that there was no screaming involved. No offense to Pete. Anyways, It was delightful to hear this side of FOB rather than their catchy singles that are heard on the radio. I’m not putting down their past work, but it’s so exhilarating to hear your favorite band go a different route than what you’re used to. I recommend this record to any FOB fan and anyone who wanted to see if they could ever do anything different.

Overall Stars: 9 out of 10