Have You Ever Seen Dormtainment?


Dormtainment, is one of Youtube’s sensations after Tre Melvin’s: This is a Commentary. Dormtainment is a comedy group that makes up skits for an online audience. Dormtainment was originally college-related humor for students about college-related situations, but everybody has been watching and they decided to make some episodes for younger adolescents.

Dormtainment consists of six friends: Tay, Amanuel, brothers Chaz and Cameron, Mike and JDotRome. After completing high school in Georgia, they all gathered up their heads to create a comedy group. They came up with the name Dormtainment. Staying in Georgia, they decided to rent an apartment where they can all live and come up with ideas and advertisements that will get them discovered and they thought that making funny videos and put them on YouTube would do the job.

With the brains of six friends, anything is possible. The group makes and uploads skits every Sunday at 7pm on Youtube and on their website (Google it!). They really want their own shows but until then, they are putting their skits on the internet so people could really shout them out, that hopefully will get them a show.

From “Dating a Jamaican” to “Ballin’ on a Budget” Dormtainment covers a lot of topics, and they put their best effort into putting the skits and music videos together. Tay is usually the one and only person really knows how things go down and makes the scripts and creates the skits. He makes the new beats for a song, shoot the videos with the help of other people behind the camera, and add effects to it.

Even though each guy writes his own lines, Tay seems to be the brains of the group. He practically put the group together. He makes the skit funny and he actually uploads the videos.

Dormtainment has increased rapidly in viewers on their videos, subscribers on Youtube, and followers on both Twitter and Instagram. If they are not making videos, they are chilling and figuring out ideas for their next skit. Sometimes, they are touring around, going to colleges to have fun and talking about their videos to college students.