The new American Dream: The Oculus Rift Changes Virtual Reality


Imagine a reality where anything is possible.

For some, video games are the answer to that craving. There’s a certain addiction to losing yourself to a colored screen. The worlds presented in games are like a dream: if you dream of being anything from a sorcerer to a soldier there’s a game for you.  Oculus VR, inc. took this dreaming to the next level.

When I first heard of their Oculus Rift I didn’t think much of it. People tried making similar inventions with little luck, every one failing to capture the player in a way that virtual reality should. The Oculus Rift allows head tilts and turns to work as camera controls. It’s more than just a screen on your face, it surrounds your peripheral vision with high quality images.

Of course, it’s not without its flaws. The headset is heavy and obnoxiously large, 379g in the form of a heavy plastic box like visor (although it’s much lighter than it could be.) Players could become addicted, and people who are subject to seizures may not respond well with flashing screens up close to their eyes.

Putting that aside it’s worth looking into since the developers kit (the version used for developers testing their final product) is only a flat $300, meaning the final product will likely be under the price of a PS4 or Xbox One. I know I will be checking my emails for an update as to when this wonderful invention will be released.