Dialing Into The Future. New Samsung Galaxy Gear!



Courtesy of MCTCampus

In our generation, most people do not wear watches anymore unless you’re a famous music artists or a professional athletic and even then they might only wear them for aesthetic purposes. The reason why is because you can easily check the time by looking at your phone these days.

In past years, it wasn’t normal for everyone to have a smartphone in their pocket. However, Samsung sees a huge opportunity to dial the future and make history. The Galaxy Gear smartwatch from Samsung which is only compatible with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 is the company’s first attempt to enter a market in which the industry has adopted as the next opportunity for growth with a price tag of $299. This new amazing gadget is expected to help popularize the wearability of watches again.

The Galaxy Gear’s main use is to notify you of happenings on your phone, with text messages that you’ll be able to receive and reply using controls. The watches connect to phones via bluetooth radios and calls go out on a wireless phone network that costs perhaps $70 per month to access. Inside the Galaxy Gear, you’ll find an impressive 512MB of Ram and also 4GB of storage which makes it blisteringly fast, sweeping through the menus and opening apps with ease.

These smartwatches have created a lot of buzz but what is really catching people eyes are the style of this gadget. It has a large, thick, steel frame display and a camera protruding from it’s band and it’s color options are not too flashy but come in mocha gray, orange, green and yellow.

Samsung’s take on the smartwatch really has some big potential but there are some things about the item that might make this watch fall short of your expectations. Lack of email, social network support, and the apps for this device are some of the faults. However, the battery is another disappointment with this gear. Only 25 hours typical usage time on a single charge and up to 150 hours standby which is really not a lot.

Samsung did a fairly good job at making interaction with Galaxy Gear simple to learn and having a very unique look. This gadget is very cool and it’s great for taking steps into the future. It also leaves the general public wondering what is going to be the next big thing in technology.