Horror Film Shot in Dreamland: How Long Until Disney Sues?


Allen J. Schaben

Screen capture

Escape From Tomorrow, not what I expected of a horror film shot on Disney grounds but maybe that’s why it has such a cult following.

The film, written and directed by Randy Moore, has earned mixed reviews among its audience. The graphics are cheesy, done candid on a tight budget, but it’s interesting in some way or another. The majority of viewers are simply impressed that he was able to pull it off. On the official movie site, a countdown appears in large font that reads “NUMBER OF HOURS SINCE RELEASE THAT WE  HAVEN’T BEEN SUED.”

The story starts as a regular trip to Disney world until protagonist, Jim White, receives the pink slip from his work. From there his happy little vacation turns into a psychological roller coaster as he perversely follows two underage French girls through Disney World. With a plot like that on Disney grounds, it’s understandable why they’re expecting a lawsuit.

This painfully low budget film isn’t free. It’s $12.99 to buy it on iTunes, but if you rent it on amazon it’s only $6.99. It might be worth a watch if you’re into watching cheesy horror films with your best friends or if you’re curious to hear how it ends.