Nine-year-old to Follow Father’s Wild Footsteps


Young Australian Robert Irwin will soon follow in his late father’s footsteps. He will co-host a show called “Wild But True” on Discovery Kids Asia.

The 9-year old is said to be a natural on camera, just like his sister Bindi Irwin and his father Steve Irwin. Bindi is experienced on both the small and big screen with her TV shows like “Bindi the Jungle Girl” and movies like “Return to Nim’s Island.”

Both Robert and Bindi were apart of their fathers’ “Crocodile Hunter” series, and share his love for the animal kingdom.

Robert describes his new show as being a connection between science and nature. He says “…it’s about how science has gotten ideas and built from inventions from the natural world.” Though Robert was only 3 years old when his father died he says he remembers his father’s passion for everything and how effectively that translated to his audience.

Bindi relayed her father’s advice to her brother, saying “I think that the greatest tip that dad gave myself when we started filming is that he said, ‘When you talk to the camera, just talk to it like you’re talking to a person, because that’s what you’re doing, you’re speaking to people in their living rooms.’”

“Wild But True” will premiere on Discovery Kids Asia in summer 2014.