Justin Bieber’s Continued Self-Destruction


Tim Dominick

Courtesy of MCTCampus

Four years ago, Justin Bieber’s image was projected as an innocent Christian teen heartthrob and much has changed since then. In the past years, Bieber has been getting publicity for much more than his hair. The now 19 year old has been charged with many speeding tickets, possible marijuana possession, and fights with the paparazzi. The next thing to add to this list is partying with underage drinking, marijuana, and strippers.

It was reported that his Great Gatsby themed bash lasted till early hours of the morning and the police were called 3 separate times. A neighbor complained that Bieber’s party was too loud and rowdy and because they never quieted down, the neighbor filed a police report for disturbing the peace. All the details may never be revealed  because he had all his guests sign an agreement that stated that anyone who leaked information about the party would be charged $3 million. The guests were also told not to take pictures or discuss the party on social media. Most recently, Biber has been in a scandal with a supposed Brazilian prostitute that filmed him sleeping snuggled up to his snapback.

What has happened that made Justin go to these extremes? Is it fame? The fact that him and Selena Gomez are no longer together? Is he “being himself” like Miley Cyrus?

The answers to these questions are not quite clear, but one thing that is known is that Justin is going down a dangerous path that can only lead him to the lifestyle of celebs like Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes.