Will New Graphics And Storyline Put “Beyond Two Souls” At The Top Of Its Class?

“Beyond Two Souls” has made efforts to changing the gaming world for the better. The ground-breaking next gen graphics are only a glance of what is to come on new consoles, video games, and many other forms of animated entertainment. While it may not be one of the most popular or anticipated games of the year, critics have been blind-sided with a different view on what games could be like.

Beyond Two Souls is based in a lot of different time periods in the life of Jodie Holmes whose character was molded after actress Ellen Page. All her life, Jodie has been linked to an entity who she calls Aiden. Aiden can’t be seen by anyone but Jodie sense’s his presence because of her spiritual connection. Aiden cannot leave her side and Jodie cannot disconnect the bond, so they are trapped together for life. Aiden has caused Jodie a lot of trouble in her life because so many researchers want to study her and Aiden. People think she is weird and brings trouble because of the stuff Aiden can do so she mostly keeps Aiden a secret. Though he may cause trouble, Jodie and Aiden never want to be apart, especially because he helps her in problems and keeps her safe from other less friendly entities in the world.

Jodie’s life is an adventure; she goes from being an innocent child who was given away to a research facility, to being forced to join the CIA and runs away from them. Her and Aiden face the constant threat of people wanting to hurt her and the supernatural wanting her dead. Her adventure involves closing a portal to the supernatural world opened by scientists and dealing with a war as a CIA agent. You soon learn the troubles life could have and how much you should appreciate.

The games storyline isn’t the only revolutionary part, though. The graphics made by next gen engines are revolutionary. The facial construction bears a huge resemblance from Ellen Page to Jodie. The realistic scenery and smooth lighting is something newer to consoles that aren’t “Next-Gen” like the Playstation 4. Some of the beautiful scenery is outstanding to see and may even set this movie/game hybrid as a must-play game for the gaming world.