New Ground Breaking Tech From Sony, The PlayStation 4

Over one million PlayStation 4s have been sold in 24 hours since its release. Sony, an extremely popular multi-billion dollar electronics company, has racked up over $400 million in sales of the next-gen console, the Playstation 4. Its predecessor, the Playstation 3 has converted many fans to Sony since its release in 2006 and has created an even larger fanbase with this new, high-tec console specifically meant for gaming and other forms of virtual entertainment.

The Ps4 has created a lot of hype for the gaming community, of course, only for its supporters. The Ps4’s “rival”, Microsoft, has also started making a next-gen console called the Xbox one from the Xbox series. The difference in console may include exclusive games, offers or even services but Sony shows they are confident in their console being the best. Sony’s early release of their new console may put them ahead in popularity, especially because Microsoft still has yet released theirs yet. The release date of the Xbox One is currently the 22nd of November. Although they may be ahead in their electronic “Arms Race”, the Ps4 only has a couple games released but plenty more on the way.