Disney’s “Frozen” Review



courtesy MCT Campus service.

Did you liked Disney’s “Tangled”? What about “Brave”? Dreamwork’s “Rise of the Guardians?”  Did you enjoy the voice of Elphaba, the wicked witch of the west, from the production Wicked? Answered yes to any of these? Then read on because I have a suggestion for you.

The latest animated feature “Frozen” had a tight budget compared to the usual Disney films, an estimated $150,000,000, compared to the “Tangled” budget of $260,000,000 but it’s not quite as bad as “Rise of the Guardians,” and this reporter feels they did a pretty good job of pumping out the best they could do.

I was a skeptic at first. The previews centered around a talking snowman that came off more annoying than anything Disney has thrown at us in the past, I never thought of Disney as the comedic type and it affected what I was expecting. The snowman, Olaf, was as annoying as I anticipated, despite one impalement joke, but the overall movie wasn’t as bad as my prior assumption.

The movie was focused around the protagonist Anna as she tries to reach out to her troubled sister whose out-of-control ice powers have frozen their kingdom. The pacing is perfect in every way. The characters were adorable and (other than a few unnoticeable details) the lighting and graphics were impressive, especially in 3D. If I had the opportunity to watch it again I could easily do so without being bored. I still get the willies every time I hear the song “Let it go” sung by  Idina Menzel.

Go and see Frozen, you’ll melt for it.