Garth Brooks’ New Album “Blame It All On My Roots”

Growing up with songs such as “If Tomorrow Never Comes,” “The Dance,” “We Shall Be Free,” “The Change,” and (of course) “The River” as lullabies, my two younger siblings and I were just as excited as our parents when we heard that our mutual family favorite singer Garth Brooks was coming out with a new album! And not only that, but his well-known voice would be singing some of the greatest songs of all time.

We had grown up listening to our parents describe the exhilaration of his concerts they attended when they were young, and we will never forget the great opportunity we had to see him live in concert for ourselves just a few years ago when he came to Nashville. My dad has two of every album Brooks has ever made: one to listen to, and one to stay in its package, heavily guarded from us kids to this day. Yeah, you’d better believe we bought this new album the first chance we found! And it is awesome.

Personally, I haven’t decided which songs are my favorite. Even the ones I’m not familiar with are amazing, worth listening to repeatedly.  Unfortunately, up here in New York, the fact that many people I know have no idea who Garth is appalls me. I like to think of myself as a fairly tolerant individual… but it seems impossible people don’t know his work.  Loving Garth Brooks’ music is in my blood! His voice is unmatchable.

The new album is a big different from his others. It is a tribute to all the music that influenced him, featuring a number of different genres separated by CD,  such as Classic Rock and Soul.  The box set also includes many extra features, like a book with explanations as to what each song means to him and why he chose to include it, as well as a CD of his greatest hits and a video of his last performance in Las Vegas.  Even with all the music and extra features included, Garth is consistent in his habit of making sure his fans can afford what he makes- the price is only $24.