Rebecca Black’s Third Disasterpiece


Screen shot of Rebecca Black’s latest video “Saturday.”

Rebecca Black, notorious amateur singer known for the deeply disturbing song and YouTube video “Friday” (and a lesser-known follow-up song “My Moment”) has gone back to formula for another song titled “Saturday.” Yes Rebecca, we know our days of the week.

Anyways… Rebecca’s “Friday” is, to this day, the most disliked video on YouTube in the entire world. People go on different YouTube accounts just for the specific purpose of clicking “dislike” on this video (to the tune of 1.2 million and counting) yet she still persists in trying to appeal to the YouTube community. I’d give her an A+ for effort but after singing a song that got so much hate, and a follow-up to that song explaining how she shouldn’t be hated, the chances of anyone actually liking her NOW are slim to none, especially because we have reason to believe she is threatening to make songs about Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday to follow this.  At least there is no mention of the creepy awfulness of Allison Gold’s “Chinese Food.”

WARNING: The “Saturday” video does contain some “Not Safe for School” (NSFS) footage of some young people partying.  But even those scenes feel forced or staged, like who really brings that much silly string to a party?  As for the girl twerking @ the 2:45 mark, is that really how you want the Internet to know you, by trying to out-Miley Miley in a Rebecca Black video?

The events of “Saturday” come after “Friday” (if that isn’t already apparent) but for me, the only thing after “Saturday” is a big thumbs down. In the song, there are a few references to her old video, “Friday” like the infamous nonsense phrase “gotta have my bowl, gotta have cereal.” Way to go Rebecca, remind us of that masterpiece. Even with the references to her old train wreck, “Saturday” isn’t as bad as “Friday” (at least according to votes of YouTube viewers.) “Saturday” is actually boasting more likes than dislikes, meaning apparently YouTube has forgiven her first disaster, but this doesn’t mean that the scars have healed.

In some ways, Black seems to be poster child for an entire generation.  What that says about her (us?) is not totally clear yet.  Maybe someday Rebecca Black will be posting “Got a Real Job” as her latest video.

In the meantime, check out the “Saturday” video on YouTube and see if you like it or not. Honestly, as with many pop songs, it’s a like it or hate it song.  UPDATE: as of press time, the current “likes” really are more than the “dislikes.”    Has the Internet suddenly decided to be nice?  Some commenters apparently think Black is just having a laugh, or even possibly making fun of her own earlier work.  Like Miley, she wouldn’t be the first “artist” to try to distance herself from her early work.