Angry Birds GO!

Just in time for snow days, yet another way to entertain yourself.

Rovio has unveiled another masterpiece! Angry Birds GO is a new FREE racing app.  The game is a take on Nintendo’s Mario Kart idea, complete with customizable karts and power ups. The beloved birds continue with their enhanced abilities. This exciting downhill racing game includes all of the original characters and even includes the hungry pigs.

The release night was not as successful as anticipated, especially for being introduced in “freedium.” But the game has started to catch on and its predicted success is looks possible. The app is available for iOS, Android, and Windows 8 phones, but on some of the older Android devices  the app may crash a lot.

Unfortunately  the app does not yet support  4th generation iPods and older Kindle, Nook, PCs, or Mac desktops. Since the app is in its early stages of production, (sometimes called beta testing) crashes occur every so often even running on their exclusive devices.

Despite the bumpy start, Rovio has created another addicting app with enough difficulty to keep you challenged but easy enough for you to enjoy.