Is Desolation of Smaug Worth Watching?



Courtesy of MCT Campus

When my dad decided to take my brother and I to the movies to see the new Hobbit, I was the only one out of the trio that hadn’t read the book. From this point of view, I enjoyed the first movie of The Hobbit despite their complaining about how it strayed from the original storyline… I’ve gotten really good at ignoring the unfortunately pessimistic characteristics they have, so I was pleasantly surprised when this second movie actually pleased them both!

My brother is especially picky about books being turned into movies, and even with the addition of a completely new character into Tolkien’s story, he actually liked it! I think it was the dragon. From where I sat, Smaug was incredibly cool. I especially liked when he was curled up underneath his blanket of gold coins, sleeping like a peaceful, oversized, murderous kitten… I think that was probably when the main character Bilbo liked him best as well.

We actually saw the movie in 3D, which was a very unexpected treat. The many fighting scenes shot arrows right at our heads and slashed sword blades out of the screen- giant spiders hissing right in your face… it was neat! Overall, I left the movie feeling excited about the new one, which is probably what the producers were going for. I was entertained. It was definitely worth seeing on the big screen. Now, would I watch it over and over again? No… But I’m not putting it past the other hobbit-fans in my family.