Newest Apocalyptic Action Thriller Starring Nicolas Cage

Nope, this isn’t about zombies!

Based off of the bestselling “Left Behind” Christian book series, this movie remake is going to star Nicholas Cage as main character Rayford Steele and is set to come out around spring or summer of 2014. It has a production budget of $15 million.

The apocalyptic theme begins when millions of people around the world suddenly disappear off the face of the earth, and follows a small group of people who were ‘left behind’ with the rest of the world. The character Rayford Steele is an airplane pilot who is flying when the disappearances take place. Other actors in the film will be Chad Michael Murray, Cassi Thomson, and Nicky Whelan. The movie is directed by Vic Armstrong and will be a reboot to the past three Left Behind movies.

Some controversy has come up over the remaking, but overall there has been a positive public reaction because many believe that the first three movies were not as successful as they could have been and because the last movie was produced so long ago. However, according to the movie website, there will be some major changes from the first book to the remake, mainly including the exclusion of the book’s main antagonist, antichrist Nicolae Carpathia, in the upcoming movie. The website expresses that the first movie will concentrate more on the immediate aftermath of the disappearances, and also that there are plans to make more movies based off of the book series.