Dark Souls 2: Another Rage Inducing Masterpiece



Screenshot from Dark Souls 2.

We all know how genuinely frustrating and downright evil the original Dark Souls is to even some of the most outstanding of players, and yet somehow, we never learn our lesson. That’s right, it’s time for you to reinforce the screen of your TV/Computer because YOU WILL throw your controller at the screen. If you’ve never played Dark Souls, STAY OUT NOW!!!

Not only is the game so addictive that it puts illicit drugs to shame, but it also makes you want to cry, punch someone, and scream. Although it can be rewarding when you defeat a major boss, this is just false hope the game throws at you to ensnare you in this evil cult of frustration. In all seriousness, it is a pretty fun game, just VERY hard mainly due to the insane bosses that pretty much kill you faster than you can blink. Especially if you’re a noob.

Dark Souls 2 is not directly linked to Dark Souls 1 story wise, but it does take place in the same area, with the same hostile, relentless environment of its predecessor. You can still choose your gender, race, and starting build  stats. You can pretty much guarantee that it will also come with the same gut wrenching horror of dying over and over and over.

Aside from the anger and pain, Dark Souls 2 does look like a game worth dropping $60 on, despite the fact that it’s similar to the old one. The graphics aren’t better than the old one but that may be hard to pass because the original Dark Souls did have pretty amazing graphics. All in all, Dark Souls was great and I would expect the same from Dark Souls 2.