When is a DeathWish a Good Thing? When it’s Coffeeeee

Journalism Class...fueled by DeathWish.

(courtesy of the company)

Journalism Class…fueled by DeathWish.

Adam Corbo, Took Two Weeks to Write 153 Words

Deathwish Coffee company claims to have the world’s strongest coffee. One cup (12fl.oz.)  of Deathwish coffee contains 660mg of caffeine, 200% more than the caffeine in a “normal” cup of coffee. Despite the “dangerous” level of caffeine, the coffee itself is very good.

Those of us students in the Journalism elective at IRHS (Indian River High School), tried a several cups of Keurig-produced Deathwish coffee (packaged not in K-Cups but in “DeathCups”).  Mr. Anderson, the group’s teacher and sensei, insisted on something he called “experiential journalism” and actually ordered the stuff and set everything up.

Reporter Jacob McCartney stated, “The coffee is very good, but tastes sort of like a wax leaf.”

Although we don’t know when he tried a wax leaf, we all agreed that the coffee was very good.

Shortly after drinking a cup of the coffee, I experienced a period of hyperactivity [more than usual-Ed.], increased heart rate and the urge to urinate. The high caffeine level and the fact that coffee is a diuretic caused those reactions; but when it comes to legal stimulants, coffee is clearly the way to go.

Go to deathwishcoffee.com and order K-cups or roasted beans by the pound and try it for yourself.  Mr. Anderson also insisted that we note that DeathWish Coffee is a New York State owned-and-operated business, and their product is certified Fair Trade (i.e., not produced with slave labor) and certified Organic.