There’s an App for That: Waking Up to the Smell of Bacon?


Can you smell the love tonight?

As impossible as it sounds, Oscar Meyer is creating an alarm app that wakes people up to the mouth watering sounds –and succulent smells– of bacon frying.  Although the smartphone app is still in its initial market testing stage, and the related device is a prototype, it’s bound to hit the stores soon.  Currently Oscar Meyer has an application you can submit to receive a free trial. This reporter didn’t believe it at first; the saying “there’s an app for that” can only go so far. After watching the video I believe it less. You may disagree though, as I’m not the most die hard of bacon fans, and it may just be a matter of taste…

The official commercial takes you on a ‘magical’ dream-journey of a troubled bacon-addict craving fried pork belly. The imagery is… ‘deep’ –only if you find giant flying space bacon a matter for philosophical discussion. There’s some ‘beautiful’ scenery though… a garden of blooming bacon flowers, and despite the fact that the actress they have chosen for the role is clearly not someone who consumes a lot of pork fat, she does well enough in maintaining the surreal tone of the piece.  The producers also do not shy away from the source of bacon, including glimpses of an actual swine running through several scenes.

One thing the commercial DOES do very well is get the viewer curious. See it for yourself. I don’t think I’ve met a person yet who’s seen the commercial and doesn’t want to at least try the app.  Yet questions remain: will it actually smell like real bacon?  What sorts of chemicals are involved?  How long will it be before some hooligan uses this weaponized form of bacon technology to assault some unsuspecting vegetarian(s)?  The people want to know.

What’s next, an app that let’s you literally smell what The Rock is cooking…i.e., a schweaty bacterial stew in his armpits from working out so many hours a day?