Titanfall Could Be “Best Shooter” Of 2014: Parkour + Robots


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Screen capture from “Titanfall” from Respawn Games.

Jacob McCartney, Assistant Doofus

Titanfall has been long awaited by all who have spent their hard-earned money on the Xbox One. Though it has been released for Xbox 360 and PC, some may argue that, though the controls are better on consoles, the graphics were tremendously scaled down for Xbox 360 due to the crummy processor, which can’t match the Xbox One or even remotely come close to a PC. Anyway, Titanfall has made a name for itself in the gaming community, even before its release in beta-testing.

Titanfall is a mecha-shooter with a primary focus on multiplayer, though the option of a single player campaign mode (offline) is possible. The player starts off in the role of a “pilot,” they work their way up to driving large “Titans” or robots with killer strength and weaponry. You must earn your Titan and fight off the enemy team by using your parkour and double jump skills to take down even the strongest of Titans.

With the combination of six bots (or players) per team in a regular death match, or “Attrition” as it is called, there are plenty of enemies and pretty much little to no connection lag. Though the bots don’t give you as much XP as regular players, they still add a dangerous aesthetic and a little fun to the entire futuristic Mecha-shooter.

Take it from a guy who typically doesn’t like games like Call of Duty: Black Ops II, Titanfall is an overall great experience and is definitely worth playing.  There’s like maps and stuff, but I was too busy having fun to count them.