Tipping cows? No thanks! Smart Cars weigh less…

Their steps echo through the night, the hooded herd of thugs with their incriminating cackles of pure evil.

“Let’s rob a bank!” one says to the other.

“No,” comes the leader’s resounding reply, the biggest of them all. “That’s been done too many times.” With a slow, dramatic movement, he raises his arm to point into the distance, where just a sliver of the white moon illuminates what appears, at first, to be a lost golf cart… “Let’s flip that Smart Car over there…”

In variously creative ways, four of San Francisco’s Smart Cars were flipped over in early April. The motive behind this crime is unknown, and the perpetrators have not yet been caught. An eyewitness account reportedly stated that he saw a group of men at around one in the morning huddle around one Smart Car in the street and flip it over. Obviously, the question isn’t “how” they managed to do it…

The vehicles in question did suffer some damage; one can only hope that such a property-damage crime won’t “catch on” the way other destructive (i.e. violent) so-called pranks like the “knockout game.”  Obvious broken windows and scraped paint seem relatively minor compared to possible damage to the engine from being upside down–which may be difficult to repair considering the lack of Smart dealers.

The fact that people drive such little things around busy streets concerns a number of people. If a few guys can effortlessly flip the car over without waking anybody up (the eyewitness was reportedly out smoking), then what happens when it gets into an accident? What may simply scratch the bumper of a minivan might just flip the Smart Car upsidedown! Drivers are usually reminded with helpful signs and bumper stickers to be aware of bicyclists and motorcycles, but the newest bumper sticker is probably going to warn of oncoming Smart Cars, too. Not that a sticker is going to prevent them from being tossed on their side by a bunch of hooligans, of course.

Be it a crime that was committed because of environmental hate, group intoxication, or just to prove it could be done, San Francisco may never know.  Here’s hoping it doesn’t go viral.