Another Batman: Arkham game? Oh great….

The Batman Arkham series has given me hours of enjoyable puzzles, crime-capers, and some extreme fighting action, but maybe Rocksteady should tone it down on the amount of Batman games they put out, especially when the stories keep getting less interesting. At this point, I just want the Arkham series to come to an end because it has been far too overplayed.

Batman: Arkham Knight will be the newest addition to the Batman: Arkham series, but that doesn’t mean it will be just as good as the last. In my article about Batman: Arkham Origins, (third in the series, which you can find here), I express the many similarities in all of the Arkham games. Though I thought the first two were great, Arkham Origins wasn’t exactly the pinnacle of excitement. Should we expect the same from Arkham Knight?

Arkham Knight takes place on Halloween, a year following the death of the Joker. As Batman tries to cope with the loss of his arch-nemesis, this give Penguin, Two-Face, Harley Quinn, and Scarecrow an opportunity to unite with one single goal: to kill the Batman. It seems like this is always the goal in every one of the games. Hmmm…anyway, your job is obvious, defend the city, stop the super villains, yada yada yada. Even though the map is supposed to be approximately three times the size of Arkham City (the biggest map in the series) we can probably expect the same dynamics, “puzzles,” and tedious crimes to solve.

The answer you may be seeking, to buying the game or not, is still unclear. I’d wait until the trailer comes out…oh wait it did.  It didn’t help much.  Anyway, the game is going to be released in October 2014…hopefully beta-testing will tell us more.  Save your money for Castlevania, maybe?