GOJIRA! The greatest cult film remake of 2014!

Welcome to a world where people’s lips don’t match up with their English dubs, where a giant lizard is deemed iconic by the masses of pizza faced nobodies that flock to the theater every Saturday night, where plot means absolutely nothing and the line between science and BS is so thin you could floss with it. Welcome to cult films.

That being said it takes a cult mentality to enjoy any Godzilla movie. I enjoyed the movie… it was visually pleasing to see Godzilla’s new design in all it’s CG glory for the first time. That aside, you’ll probably hate this movie if you’re a die-hard supporter of reason. Physics professors be warned.

The worst  best part of it all is the PG-13 rating. I don’t remember any cases of swearing and though there was light blood there was no gore. If you wanted to you could bring your whiny younger brother or sister… if you wanted to.