Shark Week? Pffffft. Three-Legged Croc Destroys Shark in Australia

Classic showdown of jaws vs. claws

Tourists were left stunned by watching a crocodile go head-to-head with a bull shark in northern Australia. The massive saltwater crocodile named Brutus was wrestling with a bull shark in its jaws. Brutus is thought to be about 80 years old and is a huge 5.5-metre (18-feet) male croc. Brutus is not only 18-feet long but, is missing a front leg and most of his teeth. He is well known in the area as a tourists attraction.

Andrew Paice was on an hour-long wildlife cruise on the Adelaide River with his partner and several passengers, including his seven-year-old daughter, when they spotted this attack on the riverbank. Earlier they watched as crocodiles, including Brutus, leap out of the water and eat a piece of buffalo meat held out to them by a pole on the boat. Later, as the tourists were going past, they noticed that there was a fin in his mouth and thought it was a fish or something.

The guide took the boat over for a closer look and saw that it was a bull shark. The tourists and the workers were awestruck by the experience. Paice had never seen it before and he had been there for about 30 years. He was so excited. They pulled the boat in closer, but Brutus slid back into the water and when the shark or the mouth of the croc, hit the water, the shark started to thrash around so it was certainly still alive. “We couldn’t see any blood anywhere,” he said, noting that Brutus had only a few teeth left. It may have got away or it may have got eaten, we don’t know. He didn’t put that display on for us unfortunately,” said Paice.