Local Music: Introducing Qwayisi and Enlightened Philosopher

The current logo for Enlightened Philosophers.

(provided by Ben A Kwayisi--used by permission)

The current logo for Enlightened Philosophers.

Ben A. Kwayisi, IRHS Senior, or as you will soon know him as Qwayisi, aka Benniebad. He grew up in the Bronx, New York with his mother and his grandmother. Since Ben was a little kid, he has dreamed of being a famous rapper. As a kid he grew up listening to Joey BadA$$, 2pac, Biggie, Kendrick Lamar, yg, Jay Rock, OFWGKTA, Nas, and a lot of underground New York rappers. They all have inspired him to keep on going, to be fearless, to let your beats flow.

Ben has lived in Germany  and California, and Chicago, Queens NY , Brooklyn NY , Bronx NY  to Washington D.C., and now to Northern New York. Ben is very confident with his music, he isn’t afraid to spit something out even though it might not make any sense. but what can you say, he’s kway-zee. In our interview, he told Warrior Ink “Since I aint know my dad since i was 8 my father figure was my homies in the streets, the gang members that lives in that trap house across the street and [my] uncle who went to jail for 25 to life for murder.”

EP is their rap group. It stands for Enlightened Philosopher, it includes several other IRHS students like Ant, Fabe, Ramadan, Nate G, Armando, Demetrius, Ataah King, Malik, Josh, and Ramel. As Ben says, EP isnt just a rap group, its a MOVEMENT!!!