What is The Sweet Life?

It’s time for our annual Indian River Fall show! A story about enough sweets to give someone a toothache. THE SWEET LIFE. The show dates are October 17th and 18th at 7 PM in the high school auditorium. Don’t miss the chance to see the show!

According to the director of the show, Mrs. Fuller, the production is “ahead of the game!”. Having extra time is a benefit for both the cast and production team because it gives more time for development and character connections. The audition process this year included an average amount of students, which is around 40.

This show has larger sets and FAT SUITS. Yes, that’s right, fat suits. This is the first year this type of costume has been used, which will pose a challenge to the cast, but will most likely be hilarious to watch. The fat suits have been added to the rehearsal process and will require adjustments from the cast. I for one, am excited to see the preview so we can all finally have a grip on exactly what this production will bring to our stage this Fall!