“Disney Stole My Life Story”



Isabella Tanikumi, also known as L. Amy Gonzalez, author of “Yearning of the Heart” as well as her autobiography “Living My Truth” says that the film “Frozen” was adapted from her autobiography. In resulted she has decided to sue Disney for $250 million.


This is crazy for a few reasons. One, this movie has been out since 2013, so why is she only getting to it now? Two, if you had a movie “made about your life” wouldn’t you enjoy it? It’s like a little home video that the whole world gets to see. She claims that all of the human characteristics and visual aids in the movie are the same in her autobiography, excluding the living inanimate objects in the movie.


Disney says the film is actually based off of Hans Christian Andersen’s short story “The snow Queen” which in fact is more similar to “Frozen” than Isabella’s autobiography .


Sure, you can sue a multimillion dollar company but think about their lawyers against yours. Not a good chance. The most she’d get is some “spare change” change from their pockets. Disney is coming into the technology age and are working on making wearable electronic products. So, suing them would be rather ludicrous.

So, Isabella suing Disney for some similarities in your autobiography, that only limited amount of people in the world are going to read, is just redundant. If I were her, I’d be ecstatic that the movie had similarities that match my family past. I have a sister too, sue me.