Amanda Bynes Messed Up Again


Screenshot from Entertainment Tonight

Amanda Bynes at a recent court appearance.

As a child Amanda Bynes warmed the hearts of many, with her bubbly personality and unique style of comedy. She was loved by many children for her hit comedy series on Nickelodeon ‘The Amanda Show”.

Her life began to take a turn for the worst, as she was introduced to drugs and alcohol.  She has recently received multiple DUI’s . She was also kicked out of fashion school and prestigious hotels. She was kicked out of fashion school for possession of marijuana and disorderly conduct. She was kicked out of hotels, one for disabling smoking alarms and smoking in her hotel room. She was also kicked out of the  Carlton Ritz hotel in New York City after smoking marijuana in her hotel.

           She was admired by young children all over the world. It amazes me that someone who was love by so many could throw their life away so easily. She is no longer a good role model for anyone, much less the millions of young children who looked up to her.