“Annabelle” Full of Legit Scares

Annabelle (2014), has gotten it’s fair share of speculation considering how much every horror film that comes out these days seem to follow the same template. Have a ghost or an ax wielding murderer, a big house a family just moved into, people dying left and right with little to no interference from the police or media, next a frantic white girl who some how outlasts every other member of the cast, and finally after some sort of resolution there will be 9.9/10 chance that the next scene you see is some form of foreshadowing towards of an upcoming sequel.

So as a result of years of being treated to (what seemed like never ending) franchises like Nightmare On Elm and Friday The 13th we now are sick of the same boring story line. But still every year we’ll have one or two films hit the theaters that hope to break the mold but yet again fail to do so.

Now that a story line no longer seems to be a factor in horror films, that means that simple act of being “scared” is what we need to call a movie “scary”. Jump scares. Being caught off guard and literally jumping out of your seat. Building suspense and having your heart skip a beat are now the building blocks for a good horror flick rather than iconic slashers.



Next in line? Annabelle. The backstory to the Conjuring film. Jon and Mia Haggens have just moved into their new house in California (sound familiar). Mia is roughly eight months pregnant and Jon is finishing Medical School. To celebrate the start of their lives together Jon buys Mia a gift. A doll. When Mia receives the doll she places it on a shelf next to matching dolls (that seem to be part of a set) saying it completes her collection. All is well and it is late into the night, Mia wakes up hearing a scream coming from the neighbor’s house. She sends Jon to go see if everything okay, when after a short while Jon comes running out covered in blood telling her to back into their house and call the cops. When she goes inside she is attacked by members of a cult who stab her in the stomach and attempted to kill her until Jon fights with them and finally the police arrive and shot one of them while the other killed herself. She was holding the doll in her arms when she killed herself. At this point the camera zooms into the doll’s face as you hear police sirens in the background and watch the cult members blood drip into the doll’s eyes. From that point on the family experiences weird happenings from waking up to the sewing machine being left on to fires starting in the kitchen. In a battle to save their daughters soul Jon, Mia and you are faced with plenty of “jump scares”.


The ability to make you have to change your pants made this film one of the best in a long time. Take the devil add a doll and throw in a dash of suspense and Annabelle has the makings of a good Friday night date.