Addicted to Google Glass?


While it may be years until you see Google Glass used as commonly as the cell phone, psychological problems are are already arising among the lucky few who were able to score a pair.

How many hours do you spend on the internet everyday? One hour, two hours, how about 18 hours? A Navy war veteran has been diagnosed with a Google Glass addiction after reportedly experiencing withdrawal symptoms, like mimicking the use of the device. He was not so much addicted to the google glass itself, as much as the availability of the internet that the glasses offered. When wearing the glasses there are an infinite amount of functions that the glasses provide, but they all tie back to the internet. With these glasses perched on the bridge of your nose you can profile stalk unsuspecting victims and clean your house with the hands-free, voice-activated option. Such capability has lead to an overuse of the internet in more ways than one.

The identity of this man has remained confidential, however, it has been released that his disorder was discovered while being treated for alcohol abuse. Clinical psychologist have linked his susceptibility to product abuse to his internet addiction; he used the internet to cope.

He has received treatment for both internet and alcohol addictions, but this also raises a red flag: What does this mean for everyone else? In recent years, the number of reported internet addictions has increased a shocking amount. Picture this, in 2005 9-15 million used the internet in the United States. Since then the rate of internet use has increased by 25% every three months. That means about 108 million people have some kind of access to the internet today and are even more at risk of a internet addiction because of products like the Android phone, and Google glass that make accessing the internet so easy.

So honestly, how many hours do you spend on the internet?