“The Walking Dead” Views Crush “Sunday Night Football”?!


Many people have been anticipating the long awaited season five premiere for one of the most popular zombie apocalypse shows on the air. AMC’s “The Walking Dead” season five premiere a had record breaking view count of 17.3 MILLION! This amount of viewers is the most that the show has ever had for any single episode.

Two of the top viewed showings on television for Sundays are “Sunday Night Football” and now, “The Walking Dead”. The show reportedly received more views than “Sunday Night Football” for the demographic of 18-to-49 year olds. on its premiere date, October 12. According to the New York Times, the show “shattered its own previous record as the most-watched drama in cable television history”.

The previous record held by the show was 16.1 million viewers from its season four premiere, which was clearly surpassed with the start of the new season The viewers for the show have increased drastically from the first season airing three years ago with just 7.2 million viewers.

Additionally, Mark Sweney of theguardian.com states, according to variety.com, “In the US, “The Walking Dead” also broke piracy records with more than four times the number of  illegal downloads than the two previous season premieres.” This show is making its way to the top of the list and becoming one of the most viewed shows on cable television.