Have You Read “Nimona”?

If you haven’t read the webcomic “Nimona”, you absolutely must. Noelle Stevenson, who goes by the pen name Gingerhaze, started the comic on her personal website gingerhaze.com.

“Nimona” is her first comic, and I expect more spectacular work to come.

Reading “Nimona” from the beginning, I watched Stevenson’s artistic abilities and creativity grow. Her art style began as something very simplistic with mostly dull colors. The further the story went along, the brighter the colors got, the more detail she added, and her illustrations just overall looked better.

Not only is Stevenson’s artwork amazing, her writing ability is too. She made her readers interested with the first page and kept us on edge waiting for the next update every Tuesday and Thursday.

One of my personal favorite things about “Nimona” is the continuity. Every little detail is in place in both the illustrations and the story. As time went on, the hair of the characters grew at a normal rate so that you hardly noticed until a few weeks went by. Something as small as a new, colorful flower on a desk was drawn weeks later as wilted. These small details made the story feel real.

“Nimona” is currently being made into a hardcover book with an added epilogue and will be available to own in May of 2015 from harpercollins.com; pre order options are available.

This fantastic story takes the reader into another world full of adventure and excitement. You fall in love with the characters and you don’t want the story to end. As a devoted fan from day one, I will be purchasing “Nimona” not only for the extra piece at the end, but to hold in my hands the astounding work of art Noelle Stevenson has brought into this world.