Did You See “The Sweet Life”?


Was “The Sweet Life” really all that sweet? Yes, it was super sweet. By sweet, I mean it was a job very well done.

“The Sweet Life” is the story of the Lunes family, who own a family chocolate factory and are trying to keep it open and running even with the lack of money and bad economy. The family is also trying to modernize the factory and expand the business, despite their family troubles and employee protests. While all of this is happening, the Lunes also face a familiar family conflict in which one family member is “different” and must work to settle out their differences.

The student performers showed a tremendous amount of connection and chemistry. Bon Bon Lunes, played by Misty Brown, had a tremendous connection with Joe Putnam, played by Georami Corral. The relationship between the two was comedic and showed a dramatic arc of a growing friendship to an ended disaster.

Helen May Lunes, played by Joanna Hecker, fully embraced the role of a mother and added an immense amount of comedy. The connection and relationship between brother and sister was greatly shown between Dollop Lunes, played by Noah LaClair, and Bon Bon. They demonstrated a typical relationship that includes random arguments and nagging each other, and it was very funny and enjoyable to watch.

The family connections that the characters in the production had was very real.

The set for the production was larger and included more props than many of the other productions before. The design of the house demonstrated the clustered and busy life of the family.

There was a lot of interaction with the set and the props included, which was very enjoyable to see.

This fall production was a job very well done!

All in all, this fall production of “The Sweet Life” gave me a strong desire for chocolate and family time.