Creepy Clowns In California

October 1st.  A couple uploaded a chilling picture to Instagram of a clown roaming the streets of California.  However, this quickly turned into chaos as people in many states (and parts of Mexico) decided that in the spirit of Halloween, they would partake in the creepiness.

Some think of finding the clowns as some sort of game. There have been numerous posts and online accounts where people can go out and take photos of the clowns and/or claim to be the real “Wasco Clown”, edging them on.  Wasco itself looks at the clowns as being festive for the holidays and does not have a problem with the event.

Although the activities in Bakersfield is a completely different story. There have been multiple accounts of clowns scaring people and children at night, some even carrying weapons like knives, clubs, and guns.  A fourteen year old boy was recently arrested for scaring a juvenile.

There is also a debate as to whether the police should put a stop to the clowns.  As police are getting more involved, freedoms come into question.  Are they allowed to stay if they aren’t doing anything?  Should they be removed for public safety?  Nonetheless, most people believe it’s just a fad that will pass with the holiday, like last year in Northampton, where similar events occurred.

However, the original Wasco Clown is not just seasonal.  Apparently the couple behind the clown has been snapping these photos as a year long project.  They have also come out to say that they have no affiliation with the pranksters and did not mean to provoke the whole ordeal.

So for those who have coulrophobia or a ” fear of clowns”, try to avoid California until the holidays pass.