Top 5 Best and Worst Superheroes


Courtesy Tribune News Service

From a 2008 cover of The Amazing Spider Man.

We all have our favorite superheroes, and no matter what nobody can change our mind about that, which are usually some of the more publicized superheroes. Yet I bet you haven’t heard about some of the worst superheroes that are on the top 5 worst superheroes.

Top 5 best:

  1. Superman- You can never go wrong with the well known superhero which first appeared in action comics issue number 1 of DC comics. He has been a fan favorite for since 1938. His first appearance in action comics is actually worth 3.2 million not even mint condition.
  2. Spiderman- Another fan favorite for marvelites everywhere, his first appearance in Amazing Fantasy 15, is worth 1.1 million, even at a 5 grade. Spiderman’s story line is why he’s such an interesting character from his amazing criminals to his amazing love life.
  3. Deadpool- His first appearance showing in New Mutants number 98. he is one of the top 5 because of his amazing abilities as a superhero. His healing factor is like that of none other. As in you can chop his head off and as long as he reattaches it back to his body he will be fine. Proof of his amazing abilities would be Deadpool kills off the Marvel Universe.
  4. Raven- Number four would be Raven of the Teen Titans, with her being half demon and all she has amazing powers, and a storyline to go with it. The cartoon version of Teen Titans does the character no justice but, she is a really powerful character.
  5. Wolverine- would take a piece of cake on the list, when people say x-men one of the first mutants that come to mind would be wolverine, he is a highly publicised character and is such a big contribution of the x-men storyline as a whole.

Top 5 worst:

  1. Arm Fall off Boy- This character was created by DC comics, basically his superpower comes from his name he could take his arm off and beat villains with it, enough said.
  2. Matter Eater Lad- From DC comics, and again his name fits his power he could eat anything from desks to a computer to wires. So if you’re trapped in a basement count on matter eater lad to eat your way out.
  3. Squirrel Girl- From marvel, not really a seriously character. Even declined by Iron man when she ambushed him. Maybe she’s popular with 5 year old girls.
  4. Aqualad- So maybe if you’re drowning he will be useful but many DC fans are embarrassed by this character claiming DC can do better.
  5. Brother Power and the Geek- A useless mannequin that came to life struck by lightening. Basically what can he do? Nothing.

Arm fall off boy? Matter Eater lad? Brother Power and the Geek? Mannequins coming to life? DC comics and Marvel shouldn’t make a movie about any of these characters. Just stick to the infamous Spiderman, Superman, Wolverine, and all the other fan favorites.