Have You Seen IR on Halloween?


Zaria Swain

“Fish Out of Water”

Walking around Indian River High School was quite the experience this Halloween. There was such a variety of costumes, some that were…questionable for school. My personal favorite however, were the English teachers.

IR’s English staff all dressed up as different idioms for Halloween of 2014. Mrs. Ada was probably my favorite of them all. Her face was painted like a fish, and she had fins on her head. Along with it she had a shirt with the surface of water painted on it. A fish out of water, couldn’t have done it better myself.

Walking through the halls of Indian River on Halloween was almost like a live action guessing game. Someone would walk up to you and say “wow your costume is awesome, who are you?!” Or they’d get really excited because they knew who or what you were.

Puns seemed to be the theme of Halloween this year. Those costumes were among the most interesting, amusing, and clever that I saw.

There were two puns in particular that I enjoyed. The first was Haley Powers as “snakes on a plane.” She made two giant xy coordinate planes an attached the front and back by making shoulder straps out of duct tape. She then glued colorful snakes to them to finish the look. Not only was this costume a genius idea, but Powers won “best math costume,” after her math teacher, Mrs. Matteson, enthusiastically encouraged her to sign up.

My next favorite was Sara Mattingly’s “chicken cordon bleu” She wore a blue shirt, wrapped a rubber chicken in an extension cord, and wrapped the cord around herself. This costume was so clever and brought about a great many laughs throughout the day.

The best thing about Halloween this year was that no one was afraid to have fun and go all out. It made for a fantastic day full of puns, puns, and more puns.