Who Is #Alexfromtarget?

“Alex From Target” has taken over the hearts of young fangirls all over the world and the vast social media platform Twitter.

According to Buzzfeed, a teen tweeted the picture of a worker at a Texas Target on October 26.

This worker happens to be Alex Laboeuf, a 16 year-old teen who just happens to work at Target and have “good looks”.

The picture was posted and within 24 hours, the hashtag #Alexfromtarget was trending worldwide and he became viral for no clear reason.

Soon after the photo and hashtag became famous, a social media marketing firm, Breakr,  claimed to be responsible for the photo, but Alex and the teen who originally posted the photo have said they have never heard of Breakr before. The marketing firm has not  responded and has just taken in the fame that came from the accusation.

Alex, from Target, has been enjoying the fame and has gained a large amount of Twitter followers. Before his fame, the average teen only had 144 followers, but after the picture and hashtag went viral, he currently has over 600,000 followers.

Alex’s fame has also given him the opportunity for an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. While on the show, he talked about how he had started working there just three months before. He enjoys the fame though.

#Alexfromtarget has gone viral for no apparent reason, except for the fact that he is a “cute” teen. To be honest, that half of his face is a nine, but his full face is only a six.