Feel Good Friday

For some of us, it’s been a tough week.  I mean just the fact that you had to go to work or school for another five days should be an achievement in itself, let alone failing tests, spilling beverages, or messing up numerous times.  Unfortunately the world doesn’t always reward us like we want it to.  However, in response for your efforts during the course of the week, I would like to commend you with cute, feel good videos to end your Friday and start the weekend.  So sit back, relax, and enjoy your “Feel Good Friday.”

http://goo.gl/JTMvxx -You can relate with the participants in this therapy activity.  In this SoulPancake video many people confess to being immensely stressed out, and some simply don’t know how to control it.  As a result they were placed into a room and asked to close their eyes, and listen to the relaxing purring coming from their earphones.  When they were able to open their eyes, cuteness implored.  And if you’re jealous, don’t worry, there’s a link at the end for your own “kitten therapy.”

http://goo.gl/3NSjts -To continue the cat videos, watch this to see a kitten who has a hilarious reflex to her owner peeling up pieces of tape.  For all of the cat videos continuously circulating the internet, I’ve never seen anything like it.

http://goo.gl/Ahx5mJ -But where’s man’s best friend you ask? Why he’s right here tucking in babies like a good dog.  I wish I could get that treatment from my fido.

http://goo.gl/KB1tYu -Sometimes we just need to appreciate the little things in life.  Kind of like what this baby does with her first birthday card blaring “The Hampster Dance.”  This adorable 24 second video will make your whole 24 hour day.

And other times we simply need to be reminded that there are many more people who are having a much worse day.

http://goo.gl/Qr31Yv -”L?” as in “I just Lost?”

http://goo.gl/v2klG1 -You could be this poor guy, in which a video of himself tripping and singing from over a month ago is still trending on Youtube.

http://goo.gl/IW3d9P -But in the end, I think we need to realize that with a positive attitude, we can get through anything.

Overall, let’s be glad that we got through another week and anticipate that the next one treats us a little better (or entail in multiple snow days, fingers crossed).  Hopefully one of these videos at least made you smile from the cuteness or stupidity and that you are now ready to enjoy your weekend.  Happy “Feel good Friday.”

P.S.  If none of those seemed to phase you… check out this secret video right here: http://goo.gl/XQbcPn