Orange Is Definitely The New Black


Orange Is The New Black, is a show people have been talking about since it’s release of season one in 2013. I hadn’t given the show much thought until just recently this year in 2014, and I’m glad I did watch the show. Orange is the New Black, shows viewers a somewhat inside of the prison lifestyle for today’s modern women. Showing that the bad people aren’t just the prisoners, correction officers, and wardens can be just as corrupt. Orange Is the New Black also shows the struggles for women in the prison maintaining relationships, such as with husbands parents and children. Giving details of their personal lives before prison. I should admit I teared up a little at certain parts, while other parts made me angry it’s a show, that has no problem showing human emotion from love, to anger, to lust and more.

One emotional part that stuck with most of us was when Piper Chapman’s grandmother died, and her furlough didn’t get through the the system on time. Leaving viewers sympathetic with the character. All the women in the show all have controversial stories that tie into their rolls into prison showing how their character develops, no more spoilers to ruin the show for you, but if you haven’t seen it yet . You should soon, it’s a show a lot of people can connect with and talk about enjoying.