5 Ways Animals Can Improve Your Life

November is “Adopt a Senior Pet” month. This event is a time for adopting pets that have problems finding homes and families due to them being older and not puppies or kittens. There are many ways the an animal can improve your life that may change your mind about adopting a pet.


  1. Animals can improve self esteem


Pets aren’t judgmental and don’t care what you look like and will listen to all your rants and problems and love you unconditionally.

  1. Can reduce stress levels

Just by cuddling your pet is can reduce stress levels tremendously according to Alan Beck, the director of Human-Animal Bond at Purdue University an animal’s heart rate will slow and their blood pressure will drop to match their owners to form a bond and calm them down.

  1.     Can reduce negativity  

Just by thinking about your pet can reduce negative feelings and thoughts.

In a study 97 pet owners  were put in a negative social experience had been asked to write about their best friend, pet or draw a map of their college campus and the study showed that the participants that wrote about their pets or bestfriend had no negative feelings and were  happy.


  1. Help with the amount of loneliness a person feels

If being alone isn’t your thing getting a pet can help, they will always be there they listen and always stay with you, pets can also tell if you’re upset and instantly come to help so they don’t allow you to be alone.


  1. Pets can improve your social life

Animals are great conversation starters, for instance you’re walking down the street and a random person comes up to you asking to pet your dog. Then all of a sudden you’re exchanging numbers and becoming best friends


So go out and adopt a pet and make new friends. Take in the rewards of of adopting a pet this month! Bring a whole new perspective on the animal community!